Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson and the boys travel the length of Vietnam by motorbikes in this famed series classic.


When the request came in to combine a peddle-powered swan boat with a Minsk motorbike engine, we knew it was going to be a wild ride. Jeremy Clarkson and the BBC crew flew into Vietnam and tore up the country...

...on motorbikes..?

Yes, you've read that right.  Jeremy Clarkson.  On a bike.

The result?  One of the most acclaimed episode in the history of one of the UK's most popular shows.  Definitely an instant classic!

Apart from the usual filming permits and fixing services, vMediaWorks/LFA scouted Halong Bay and central Vietnam, organized a full moon festival in Hoi An, directed an army of drivers and support crew and took care of the Stig!

Special thanks to Nick Ray of Hanuman Films who was the local line producer on the project.  As always, the expertise and high standards of our behind-the-scene support staff came in very handy in organizing all transport and acommodation (amongst others) for the crew of 35 (on a light day!).

Whilst you're at it, do check out our good friends at Explore Indochina who were in charge of all things bike-related.  They did a fantastic job with transforming them into amphibian vehicles.  For a few extra dollars, you may even be able to ride Richard's pink minsk on your next trip to Vietnam!

Top Gear: Vietnam Special aired on BBC2 at the end of December 2008 to wide acclaim critics and fans alike.  The DVD is also available fo your purchase, or you can view it on Netflix.

Below you will find 2 videos: on the LEFT, various scenes taken from the episode, while on the RIGHT, a behind-the-scene montage by our friends at Hanuman Films (Cambodia).

Top Gear Vietnam: various scenes


Top Gear Vietnam: behind-the-scenes

provided by Hanuman Films