Man Vs Wild

We got wild and dirty with Bear Grylls in the remote jungles of Vietnam.


Few moments in life are as exciting as getting a call asking you to scout the entire country to find the perfect location for Bear Grylls to survive in.

And yet, that's just what Local Fixers Asia (then vMediaWorks) was tasked to do for Mr Grylls and his ‘Man VS Wild’ crew in May/April 2009.

Our journey took us all over Vietnam searching not only for the most dangerous jungles, but also for completely inappropriate and disgusting things for Mr Grylls to eat ;)

With wild challenges and a helicopter stunt on the menu, the shoot went off without a hitch...  save for a quick trip to the hospital following a bamboo-cutting incident.

Cue in waterfalls, dangerous rapids, cliffs, caves, a mosquito-infected swamps, a deadly spitting cobra, leeches, and even a violent mountain river flood, and anything else we could find to throw at him, and we had the making of a classic MvW episode.  

The episode premiered in August 2009 and can be seen in repeats on The Discovery Channel, as well as on youtube.


Local Fixers Asia was involved with all aspects of the shoot and was the sole service provider.