Destination Truth

On the search of Asia's most elusive creatures with this famed SyFy series.


All in a day's work as we hunt down mysterious creatures, monsters and ghosts.

vMW/LFA and SyFy's Destination Truth have had a long and storied relationship.  Now in their 5th season (and counting), our relationship has developed from way back in their very first season.  

OUR FIRST EPISODE took us on the hunt for the Tarasque, a fabled sea-monster living off the coast of northern Vietnam.  After visiting with some zoologist and biology experts in Hanoi, it was off to Halong Bay where the sightings -- some recent -- had occurred.

Several years later, the show remains a favourite amongst the crew, mostly due to the brand spanking new 4-star boat we'd commissioned forthe shoot: cue sumptuous on-board buffets, deluxe single rooms with air-con and hot showers, and a fully stocked wine fridge for the daily wraps... nearly enough to forget about the near-death experience that happened on the first night... (see the show for more info!).

OUR 2ND PROJECT encompassed 2 episodes, both in Thailand.  After a few days in Bangkok, we started off with episode #1 and traveled deep into the jungles of Kanchanaburi to try and find the Naree Pon, basically little wood elves... before you can scoff at the idea, let us remind you that on the way, we stopped at a temple where actual specimens are held!   

Episode #2 was next on the list, and on the other side of the country, all the way east near Cambodia, at the beautiful old temple of Phanom Rung, in search of the Phret ghost, a very popular sighting in rural Thailand.  We were given permission to spend the entire night in the complex, which was very creepy indeed.  Did the team find anything?  You'll have to watch the show to find out ;)

Finally, our latest adventures brought us back to Vietnam, this time in Khe Bang National Park area, a place we'd wanted to film in for years.  Located in the center of the country, the park is home to a huge impassable jungle and massive caves, including the world's largest!   A perfect place, then, for Vietnam's answer to Bigfoot to hide away from civilization.  Yet no match for Joshua Gates and his team, who braved rapids, waterfalls, cliffs, spooky caves and, worst of all, the intense heat, all in the name of the hunt.  In the end, they might have found the best clue yet to the creature's existence!! 

... but you'll have to watch the episode, now airing on SyFy, to get the full story.  In fact, there was so much adventure to be had that this episode became a rare 1-hour Special!! 

Local Fixers Asia was involved with all aspects of the shoot and was the sole service provider.

DESTINATION TRUTH: Special 1-hour Vietnam show clip