Southeast Asia

Although we specialize in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, we're in the midst of branching out to new exciting locations throughout southeast Asia.


Thanks to our ever-growing list of local partners and contacts, our ability to offer our great service to other regions of southeast Asia is increasing at a rapid pace.

Local Fixers Asia has been able to offer services in Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar (Burma).   To be perfectly honest, our ability to provide service in these countries at any given time fluctuates, so it's best to contact us so we can let you know right away the degree to which we're able to help you with your project.

All of this opens up a wealth of locations and an exciting list of possible ideas: jungle temples, active volcanos, remote tribes, island hopping, unique flora and fauna, and some of the most diverse and friendly people on the planet.

For more information about these destinations and to see if we can be of help with your production, please contact us

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If Vietnam is Thailand's younger, in-your-face brother, than Cambodia is the renegade of the family.  From famed Angkor Wat to its bustling and historical capital, Phnom Penh, and with a surprisingly straightforward permit procedure, this is one location that shouldn't be overlooked!


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The region's most overlooked destination, Laos can surprise by the sheer beauty of many of its location.  Make no mistake about it, this is off-the-beaten path, but despite the barely-there infrastructure and daily challenges of filming here, it's always well-worth the effort. 



"Because it's there" was climber George Mallory's response when asked why he wanted to climb Mt Everest, and the same answer applies for wanting to film here. It's not the easiest place to work, true, but it's hard to find more diversity in both people and terrain than this little piece of Shangri-La.



You won't find a crazier city than Dhaka, or even a more peaceful countryside just a few km's out of the capital. Despite having the world's longest beach and one of the last haven for the Bengali Tiger, Bangladesh remains a uniquely underutilized location. 



Finally starting to open up to the rest of the world, Myanmar's warm people, amazing sites and spectacular scenery await the intrepid film crew. And although filled with many logistical challenges, you won't find many places in the world as rewarding as this.