Gordon's Great Escape

No nightmare here as we guide Gordon through his SE Asia's culinary adventure.


It took months of prep and a shoot spread over the length of 2 countries, but vMediaWorks/LFA managed to wrap up work on half of "Gordon's Great Escape" 2nd season.

We were first contacted to work on the Vietnam episode, but this quickly escalated to include Thailand as well.  Tasked with finding the best food on offer in both countries, as well as their best, most creative chefs, the hunt was on.

In Thailand, this meant scouring the islands of Krabi for interesting local south Thai dishes.  This meant spending days eating our way through island and beaches and interviewing possible chefs (eating more food in the process).  Yes, at times, the job has its perks! 

Rounding up all the food-related locations were more travel-focused segments such as a cooking competition at a local festival, learning about Buddhism at a Chiang Mai temple and a bit of Muay Thai watching.

In Vietnam, the show encompassed the entire length of the country, from the floating markets of the Mekong Delta to the Old Quarter of Hanoi.  Beginning in HCMC and nearby Muine, Gordon learned how to fish for squid in the locally unique basket boats.   Up north, exploring the delicacies of the hill tribes  meant only one thing: motorbikes!  What should have been a quick shot turned into hours when Gordon disappeared behind the rice patties for a bit of joyriding.  

The hectic shoot, taking Gordon from beaches to rivers to street stalls to markets to rice paddies, you name it, can be seen in all its glory on UK's Channel 4 .

Local Fixers Asia was involved with all aspects of the shoot and was the sole service provider.

Gordon's Great Escape: VIETNAM (S02E02)

Gordon's Great Escape: THAILAND (S02E04)