By Any Means

Oops.. we nearly killed Charley Boorman and his crew...


vMediaWorks/LFA had the pleasure to work with motorbike enthusiast Charley Boorman on the first of his ongoing adventure series, "By Any Means".

Charley and his 4-man crew were met by our local fixers at the Chinese border of Lang Son, where they travelled  on Minsks motorbikes to Hanoi.  A few medical appointments later (they'd be on the road for a while), we were off to the floating villages of Halong Bay before heading down to Dong Ha where they b-lined for the Laos border on an old American army jeep.

In between, cast and crew found time to down a couple of beers whilst listening to arguably the worst Filipino band in the world,  checking out the tunnels at Vinh Moc,  and, huh, nearly drowning...  (you'll need to watch the episode for the full story!).

Special thanks once again to EXPLORE INDOCHINA for supplying those great Minsks!

You can view the episode on YOUTUBE below. 

You can also purchase the accompanying book (we're even mentioned a few times!).

Local Fixers Asia was involved with all aspects of the shoot and was the sole service provider.