August 18, 2012

Same company you trust, just a different name.

Same Company.  Different Name.


Welcome to the new(ish) LOCAL FIXERS ASIA!

If you were looking for vMEDIAWORKS, then yes, you're in the right place.  We're the same people.  We're just wearing a new suit.

Back in 2008, vMW was founded in order to provide Vietnam's businesses and NGOs with international-standard videos and other media, all provided by a community of digital professionals, freelancers in video, print design, web, etc.

At that time, a small part of the company was set aside to provide foreign shoots with all their fixing needs, from permits to logistics to crewing.  Honestly, we simply never thought that this would eventually become one of our best performing department.

It didn't take a much time before vMW became established, at first locally, as the go-to company to take care of all shoots in the north.  Our main clients at the time were actually production companies from Ho Chi Minh City, who had no representatives in Hanoi.  We provided an attractive cost-cutting option, since nobody needed to fly up for scouts/prep/recces/shoots.

Then, in very quick successions, came big name foreign shoots, starting with the likes of The Amazing Race, By Any Means (Charley Boorman) and culminating with a Top Gear special.  

Flash forward a few years later, and much of our time came to be spent working on these foreign projects, our client-list building up to one of the area's best.  In 2009, by requests from past clients, we successfully made our first move into a neighbouring country with the opening of our Bangkok office.  It took no time at all, just under 2 years in fact, before Thailand muscled its way to 50% of our fixing contracts.

At this point, it became clear that the idea of vMediaWorks as a media-producing company was somewhat misrepresenting a core segment of our work: fixing and field producing.

And so with our renewed interest in branching out to other southeast Asian countries, we've decided to split the company in two:  vMW will continue to exist as the parent company, all the whilst providing local businesses and NGOs with the international standard media we're known for.  But a new company has been formed, focused entirely on the art of providing professional and stress-free support service to those who wish to use our beautiful corner of the world as their next location.

Introducing LOCAL FIXERS ASIAsimple name, to the point, no if's or but's about it, what you see is what you get   Just like us.

LFA_PNG_transparent.pngNothing has changed.  We're still the same great team offering the best service in the region.  

Our new logo, made from our initials (LFA) and into a 3D cube, is represents our core philosophies:

1. We strive to think outside the box.  Every project is different, with a different crew, a unique budget, a specialized look, you name it.  But while it's tempting to film on the same beach or the same temple as many shoot before, we always try to find a new and fresh angle for each and every client.

2. There is more than 1 way to look at things: our logo can be viewed in a few different ways: an inner cube, an outer cube, and as an hexagone.  The point is that, no matter what you throw at us, we'll strive to supply you with several options and answers.

So, welcome to LOCAL FIXERS ASIA.  Hope you'll entrust you with your next project, as so many have before you.