Who We Are

We're southeast Asia's premier fixing and production outfit, entrusted with some of TV's biggest shows and the world's most famous brands. Despite our bigger-name clients, no project is too big or small, no location too far and wide, no idea to simple or crazy.

...it’s been great working with you… and it’s been comforting to know we were supported over there by such a professional company. Will definitely use you again... and recommend to you to others.

- Simone Harris, Producer, Top Shelf Productions, “What’s Really In Our Food?”

So, Who Are We?

  • We're fixers...
    .. and producers, location managers, scouts, researchers, casting directors, set decorators, tailors, gaffers, cooks and drivers.  We're home to the most talented and professional creative and technical crew in the region.  You can meet some of us on the right.
  • We're small...
    ... but think BIG.  On average, we try and maximise our workload to2 projects per-country at a time.  This means that once we're working on your project, that's all we're thinking about.  We're 100% focused and dedicated.  It's the first thing we think about when we wake up, and what we dream about at night.  Well.. mostly.
  • We're everywhere...
    ... you need us to be.  Our expertise remains Thailand and Vietnam.  It's where we've tackle some of the area's biggest shows of recent years, from Top Gear to Man Vs Wild to showing Gordon Ramsay how to make a papaya salad.

    But we're branching out!  In the past few years, we've made invaluable contacts and partners in the rest of  Southeast Asia, from Cambodia to Indonesia, so send us an email to see if we can be of any help.

    Our crew and staff is 99% local, which mean we're knee-deep in local culture, knowledge and geography, while having that other 1% firmly planted in the western standards of production.
  • We're experienced...
    ... just ask the likes of Jeremy Clarkson, Gordon Ramsay, Charley Boorman, Bear Grylls, and the folks at Discovery, Travel channel, SyFy, BBC, Channel 4, CBS, and more.   

    Whether you need to transform motorbikes into amphibian vehicles or hang your host from a helicopter and fly low over a jungle canopy, or even if all you need is simply a local outfit to handle your permits or on-site logistics or do some research, 
    you can rest soundly at night knowing that we've got your back.
  • We're the best team in the business!
    Working with Local Fixers Asia means you get more than just a fixer.  You get a full behind-the-scene team.  Our multilingual and multinational fixer and producers all have extensive experience with foreign shoots, and rely on an efficient and reliable support team back in our home base ensuring that  your shoot in SE Asia will run smoothly.

    Time and time again, we have delivered top-notch service, all on schedule and on budget.  Our A-list clients have come back to us again and again, and constantly refer us to their a-lister peers.

    Find out why!

Meet the team!

As we have a huge network of partners, freelancers, scouts, guides, crew and so on, it's simply impossible to introduce everyone.  Below are some of the individuals you're more apt to meet should you ever decide to join our growing client list.

Sebastien Ranger

Founder & Director

Sebastien left his native Canada some 15 years ago to travel and work his way around Asia.  After living stints in South Korea, Japan and Morocco, he finally settled in Hanoi in 2003, and quickly established himself in the local film community by making documentary films for the likes of UNICEF, OXFAM and other local NGOs.  

Being the only foreigner based up in Hanoi as opposed to Ho Chi Minh City quickly landed him most jobs which needed northern locations: Halong Bay, Sapa, Mai Chau, basically anything north of Hue.  Soon, foreign productions came calling, with the likes of "The Amazing Race" and "By Any Means" blazing the trail.

Seb is usually the first guy that our clients talk to, as he handles all queries and new projects.  He is fluent in both English and French, with a good knowledge of Spanish.  He is currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand, although spends half his time commuting back and forth between our Vietnam offices and the rest of southeast Asia.

Trung, aka TT

Lead Fixer - VIETNAM

If TT doesn't know about it, then it doesn't exist, simple as that.

An ex-tour guide for many years, TT has been everywhere in Vietnam and seems to have contacts in every nook and cranny of the place.  Originally from a village near famed Halong Bay, TT moved to Hanoi to pursue his tour guide career, and eventually found himself owning a very popular bar in Ho Chi Minh City's backpacker district.

In the meantime, TT has fixed on some of our biggest project.  Amongst others, he was instrumental in locking the south for "Top Gear", negotiated helicopters and explored countless jungles for "Man VS Wild", and ate in countless of food stalls (all in the name of research, of course!) for "Gordon's Great Escape".  He can be seen as Samantha's guide in "Samantha Brown's Asia".  Tough gig... 

Today, TT is arguably the most experienced fixer in the land, and many of our clients ask for him by name.  He can sometimes be found in his bar in HCMC, but is constantly moving around, looking for the best stories, characters and locations for our clients.

TT and Top Gear cast


Lead Fixer/Production Manager - THAILAND

Dear wears many hats for LFA: scout, casting director, AD, even DoP!  One thing for sure, if you need anything in Thailand, he's your man.

Born in Thailand, raised in the UK, and now back in his homeland, Dear has worked on everything from reality TV shows to TVC to full feature films.  Adept at negotiating for the most amazing locations at bargain basement prices, he's also brimming with ideas and suggestions for your next Thai project.  Having worked every inch of the country, there's not much he doesn't know about.

His go-go attitude and refusal to quit has consistently made Dear one of the most valued member of our team, and today not one of our Thailand projects runs without his supervision.  From the permit process to wrapping up the shoot, he's soon to be an invaluable member of your production as well.


Project Manager/Fixer - VIETNAM

Chi might look young, but don't let that fool you: this is one experienced jackie-of-all-trades!  Chi is our lead researcher and location scout, amazingly adept at finding the exact shop or villa or park you need.  She also directs our behind-the-scene team, which handles logistics (transportation, accommodation, etc.), research (ie finding the perfect interviewee!) and location permissions.

When she gets a fit of cabin fever, Chi will also take on fixing job, and can often be found on location.  She can be seen as Charley Boorman's Halong Bay guide in "By Any Means", and has worked as fixer/researcher/scout on many other productions, such as "Samantha Brown's Asia" and "Gordon's Great Escape" and "Destination Truth".   She is also constantly one of our most loved member of the team, with clients raving about her hard-work and sheer dedication to each and every task.


Location manager/Scout - THAILAND

Ochu is one of the newest member of our team, but brings a wealth and years of experience to Local Fixers Asia.  Mostly based in Chiang Mai, he handles most queries for Northern Thailand, though his knowledge of the south is equally up to any task.

Born and raised in Thailand, Ochu did his formal education in Sydney, Australia, and his time abroad has helped him understand fully the needs and expectations of our foreign clients.  Since his return to the homeland, he's worked as production coordinator, scouts and fixer on a number of projects ranging from TVCs to TV shows to feature films.



Lead Fixer - INDONESIA

With amazing attention to detail and a knack of knowing people in the farthest corners of this huge country, it's no surprise that Aji got our nod to head our Indonesia team of fixers, researchers and logistic crew.

With several years under her belt working for the likes of National Geographics, Discovery, Canal+, Al Jazeera -- the list goes on and on -- and at ease whether shooting in some remote jungle full of Komodo dragons or a 5-star Balinese resort, you simply won't find anyone more attuned to a production's needs than our Indonesian superstar!